About 39artisan

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My goal is the make every client feel like they are the star in their own movie

Hi, my name is achew, the founder of 39artisan. Im a self taught photographer who has an undying passion of creating priceless art piece in each and every of my client's precious moment.

To me, each of our life is a unique and beautiful movie which we spent a life time to complete. Each scene, each precious moment are priceless and worth all the effort to record down in best way possible. 

For the first 20years of my life, i was someone who wasn't really a big fan of photography, be it behind the camera or in front of it. But things quickly changed when i was going on a vacation(yes first oversea vacation after 20yrs) with my girlfriend who is also my wife now. I feel that i need to record down this very important trip of us and this sparks the interest in me on photography. Fast forward to few years later, when we decided to get married, by then i had already been playing with photography for 8 years, im confident enough i can create something that would last us for a life time, so we decided we need to be the first client of our very own company, after all if you cant handle your own wedding photos, how could you be confident enough to do it for others right?        

Time flies, its been almost 10years till now, from a self taught photographer to an International award winning photographer, but my thirst to pursue beautiful movie-like photos has never slow down at all. If you like my movie style photography and interested to know us more, do not hesitate, feel free to contact us =)